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Swiss Army Knife Soldier

Swiss Army Soldier Knife

The Swiss Army Soldier knife as picture above was standard issue to Swiss Troops until 2008, when the New Soldier model was introduced.

I wore one out while I was deployed on a Destroyer in the U S Navy back in the 1980's, and bought a replacement as soon as we pulled into port.

The only part that actually wore out was the protrusion with the hole where the key ring was threaded.

(It was a red Victorinox version of the knife pictured above.)

Since I couldn't carry it on my key ring for instant accessibility the way I preferred, I gave it to a shipmate when I got the replacement.

It has a 2 3/4 " blade, screwdriver/cap lifter, small screwdriver/can opener, reamer/awl/scraper, and it comes with a key ring.

If you prefer a simpler type of knife like this, the Swiss Army Soldier Knife is unbeatable in my opinion, and I still have the replacement I got years ago.

Check one out the next time you're in your favorite knife shop.

You'll be impressed.

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